Imagine for a moment a crucial and important part of your life being ripped away from you without warning and indefinitely. That's what happened when Alyssa(@lyssaaurora) was involved in a serious car accident in 2018. Her right foot was badly injured and has since undergone multiple surgeries. She couldn't walk, let alone climb. Going from climbing several times a week, to a prognosis of "you MIGHT be able to climb again, but not like you did before." Alyssa joins us in the studio to share how she stays in touch with the world of climbing, and when she decided to cut herself off from it completely, because she misses it too dearly. She WILL climb again, but will have to re-learn the sport, as she will be unable to use her right foot in the same ways she did before. Learning to climb again. We also share some of Liam's pee stories. You decide which topic this episode is REALLY about. 

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