Our good friend Alex(@alexcruzs02) began climbing in March of 2018, and quickly fell in love. She found friendship and community in Rock Climbing, and an activity that challenged her and helped her grow stronger with every move. Shortly after discovering the sport and community of climbing, Alex learned that she had cancer in her thyroid. In the ensuing months comprised of doctor's visits, surgery, radiation and hormonal imbalance, Alex was able to find peace in God, herself and in the community that supported her. Her family. friends, and fellow climbers came together and had her back, and we still do. Alex is now currently cancer free, and back on the wall, stronger than ever before. 

In part 2 of our Overcoming Injury & Recovery series, Alex was kind enough to join us and chat about her experience, her emotions and how her love for and desire to rock climb has helped her through her recovery. She shares what she learned, what she went through and now what it feels like to have come out on top.

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